LS-2100 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

LS-2100 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer


৳ 40,000




The measuring system of LS-2100 Analyzer automatically scans the T-line and the C-line to obtain optical signals when the reactive matching test kit inserted into the analyzer. The system can be used in the central laboratory, outpatient and emergency laboratory, clinical departments and other medical service stores and physical examination centers.


A. High Throughput

▪ Eight channels can test different parameters with different patients.

▪ Fully automatic detection,up to120 Tests/h.

B. Precise & Accurate(Time-resolved Fluorescence)

▪ Excitation light sources :365nm.Emitted light:610nm.Reducing environment disturbance.

▪ Using Eu2+ ion Fluorescence Microspheres to reduce the effect of photobleaching.

▪ Higher excitation light source are easily captured,which increases the precision and sensitivity.

C. User Friendly

▪ 10.1 inch HD touch screen.Fully automatic incubating, detecting and refunding test strips.

D. Excellent after-sale service

▪ Remote on-line upgrade and software maintenance.

E. Rapid Test

▪ Resulted in 10 seconds and printed in real time.

F. Internet-enabled

▪ Equipped with LIS,WIFI,USB,Bluetooth,and RS232 ports,be convenient to upload and backup data.

▪ Store more than 10000 sample test results,them are traceable.

G. Intelligence

▪ External scanner(QR code are available) can recognize test item.

▪ Self-checking function decreases fault rates during operaitng.


Serum, Plasma, Whole blood.


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